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Keep Your Cucumbers Cool: Choosing Air Conditioning for a Hydroponic Grow Room

Growing plants, flowers and vegetables indoors using hydroponics is a gardening method which has exploded in popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why when you consider how much easier it makes controlling the amount of light, water and nutrients your plants receive. However, while growing hydroponics in a grow room gives you enormous control over the environment your plants grow in, there is one variable that can be particularly difficult to control — heat.

The heat generated by an extensive array of grow lamps, ventilation fans and water pumps in a hydroponics system can be quite substantial, without taking into account the heat the plants generate themselves while they are growing. This heat buildup can become dangerous for many plants, particularly when grown in compact grown rooms, which can wilt and suffer extensive die-back in excessive heat and humidity. 

As such, suitable air conditioning is an essential …

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Knuckle Lift Versus Boom Lift: Which Is Better For Your Applications?

Knuckle lifts and boom lifts are some of the most common elevating work platforms (EWPs) available in the market today. Like other EWPs, their job is to make it easy for people to access elevated areas easily and safely for construction or maintenance works. Although they are very similar in their make and function, knuckle and boom lifts have a slight difference in their working that makes all the difference in their applications. Find out more below.

Max weight

Boom lifts have a singular boom that is big and strong, unlike knuckle lifts that have a set of smaller articulated arms. As such, boom lifts enjoy the function of a boom that can withstand a lot more weight as compared to knuckle lifts. This means that more people and heavier loads can be used on a boom lift as opposed to a knuckle lift. This also means that the boom …

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Why Consider FRP Decking Materials for Your Home

When homeowners are contemplating installing a deck on their property, they tend to gravitate toward conventional materials such as timber or metal. Nevertheless, this is not the only option that is available to you. Advancements in the construction industry have created a material known as FRP. FRP stands for Fibre Reinforced Plastic.  This material is made up of plastic that has been mixed with fibrous materials such as carbon, glass or basalt. So why should you consider FRP decking materials for your home? 

FRP decking materials are weather resistant

One of the main reasons why FRP decking materials would be a suitable option over wood and metal is their weather resistant qualities. For instance, wood requires extensive maintenance measures to ensure that it stays in pristine for a significant period of time. Without regularly sealing and treating your wood decking, you will find it becomes susceptible to structural damage. This …

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Safety Devices to Look Out for When Installing Elevators

Elevators make life easy when you need to navigate different floors in storey buildings. They help you save much time that you would otherwise spend on a flight of staircases or ramps. However, the height in most buildings with elevators comes with many safety hazards. If you are not keen when installing the elevator, you are likely to end up with a machine that jeopardises the safety of the occupants every time they use it. Thankfully, there is a host of safety devices you can use on your elevator to ensure the safety of the occupants. During installation, you should ask your service provider if the elevator you have chosen has been fitted with the following safety devices:

Hoistway Interlock for Elevator Doors

Securing movement into and out of the elevator is the first step to ensuring the safety of the occupants. Since all occupants may not have adequate knowledge …

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3 Applications of High Performance Plastic Every Industry Can Benefit From

Plastic is fast making its way into various fields of technology previously deemed the realm of metals because the cost of metal production can be extremely high. Thus, high performance plastics have moved in to occupy the vacuum that was starting to form. High performance plastic offers plastic molds that show higher strength, greater resistance to several chemicals, resistance to extremely hot water, higher workable temperatures, and in some cases, good electric properties. This is ideally your “metallic” plastic in the industry. 

The automotive industry, for instance, has taken up high performance plastic in the construction of several automotive parts because they needed to make the vehicle lighter. The same plastics can be found in the construction of several components in the aeronautical industry, agricultural, chemical production, and even the bio-medical industries. The following are three productions from high performance plastics that can benefit almost every industry out there.

Rod …

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Can You Use a Sump Pump With a Pond or Water Feature?

A sump pump is designed to pump water out of your sump, a basin that catches water in your basement. If you have an old sump pump and you are adding a water feature to your yard, you may be wondering if you can use your sump pump.

Unfortunately, while they do the basic job of pumping water through a filter, sump pumps are not designed for use with landscaping water features or ponds. Here is what you need to consider:

1. Sump pumps are typically not the most energy efficient pumps.

Sump pumps are designed to run as needed, and because of that, they are not always designed with efficiency in mind. New models of sump pumps are usually more energy efficient than older pumps, but they still tend to be less efficient than other types of pumps.

In particular, if you invest in a pump designed to be …

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